Energy, Oil & Gas

The energy sector plays an important role in shaping the UAE’s internal and external policies, Global energy demand is rising extremely, while The UAE aims to achieve a sustainable infrastructure for generating power through renewable energy, our company LMC aim to provide professional deliverance and continue to be a part of the nation’s prosperity, as we improve and optimize efficiencies across energy sector and deliver opportunities for growth in order to maintain our competitive edge.


The UAE’s healthcare industry has continued to evolve over the past few years, and today it has emerged as fast growing Industry offering a wide range of new specialized services, treatments and technological Advancement to cure health Critical issues, LMC has played a vital role in delivering these services in reality in implementation of various rehabilitation Projects & nursing program all our U.A.E.

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages market is always been huge in U.A.E, witnessing tremendous continuous expansion driven by a rapid population growth along with high purchasing power of consumer, which helped creating opportunities, new gateways and cultured entertainment places has provided Investors with reward wining opportunities for new entrants as well established Businesses are ready to Invest in Franchising.
LMC has completed various projects giving the opportunity to the Food and Beverages Industry to come closer letting Franchise opportunity to prevail as important market segment increasing wealth of the entity.


Retail Industry is the backbone of any economy which shows the consumer behavior towards strong purchasing power, Stable economic development is the engine of civilization, social stability, excellence and high international repute, with constant advances in technology, communications and infrastructure, barriers are disappearing and the business landscape is becoming more global every day.
In this fast-paced environment, LMC advisers and experts has given solutions, thinking ahead and respond quickly to your changing needs, who will put risk in the spotlight, and who will continually look for new opportunities for your business.


The manufacturing sector is the fourth largest sector in Dubai’s economy, UAE as a nation has remained steadfast and consistently buoyant in creating new opportunities for growth, while quickly addressing challenges and immediately finding solutions.
The UAE economy has proven its resilience and ability to sustain growth, It has maintained its position as the second largest economy in the Arab World and one of the most important regional destinations for trade, investment and economic activities.
With the country’s highly efficient trade, transport and logistics hub and numerous free zone facilities, the potential for manufacturing is huge. But while these related industries that could support manufacturing to flourish are already in place, attracting investors and allowing them to run the business.


U.A.E has created a strong healthcare framework that is supported by government and private initiatives to boost this sector, going forward medical tourism is also being considered as a colonel growth indication for the healthcare sector with the UAE reigning its highest position for being the most preferred destination for specialized healthcare services. The healthcare industry experienced significant growth over the past years.
Particularly Rehabilitation has significantly saw a real demand for rehabilitative medicine and care in the UAE, new centers are opening all over U.A.E to meet the demands and stopping its citizen going abroad being for the same, LMC has been engaged in such similar projects and serving Rehabilitation implementation services all over U.A.E.

Beauty Saloon & SPA’S

The wellness tourism market in U.A.E is a critical, fast-growing component of the UAE’s fast-growing tourism industry, higher level of expertise from the therapists and trainers, and crave a more unique menu of services that includes indigenous practices and products that can help educate them about the region and its secrets to greater health and vitality, things they can get nowhere else, even a body massage may seem like nothing but an indulgence, but it is actually a necessity – for healing stress manifestations such as knotted muscles, and for promoting overall wellbeing, a high clientage ratio that LMC is providing services to beauty Saloon & SPA’s sector.