Cost Optimization Services

LMC Offers strategy consulting and operations consulting services that drive measurable cost optimization gains for our clients. An effective cost optimization program depends on deep analysis and fact-finding techniques such as cost driver analysis to assist management in understanding better cost structures in order to identify, quantify and priorities savings opportunities

  • Process streamlining & automation
  • Negotiation Skills for the Contracts, Supplier and Creditors
  • Outsourcing – Non Critical functions could be outsourced
  • Improve cash flows position, balance sheet and performance
  • Improve accounts payable, accounts receivable and aged debtor collections
  • Generate efficiencies around production, inventory and supply processes.
  • Create flexible and responsive operating and business processes
  • Streamline traditional financial and regulatory processes to reduce costs and free up resources
  • Simplify planning, sourcing, collaboration and supply chain execution.

How can we help?

  • Improve working Capital
  • Enhance Supply chain Process
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • New Saving Opportunities
  • Optimal Cost Reduction Structures